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An afternoon in IKEA

What better to do than go to IKEA on a rainy Sunday afternoon, not much according to half of Malmö, it was absolutely packed there today. I still managed to purchase a few things – only things I really needed though. Just to prove it to you here are some before and after pictures;

I also found new kitchen table, I needed to go home and measure before I bought it, and as I also wanted to buy some dressers for more storage place in my hallway so to save me the hassle to drag it home I just ordered both the kitchen table and the drawers online;


Unfortunately IKEA aren’t very efficient when it comes to deliveries so I have to wait for a week and a half before I get it, positive thought regarding that is that it gives me time to get rid of the kitchen table I already have.

After a though day at IKEA we had a well deserved coffee at Starbucks, where Miss T made me buy the Malmö Starbucks mug…she made me do it!!

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