Quality of Life

The perfect Sunday morning – when you manage it

For some reason it seem that people who like yoga also have to be morning people, I mean; seriously 9:30 on a Sunday morning! This morning I did make and then there was the next battle, that made getting out of bed in the morning, and that is to focus only on your breathing and shut all your thoughts out.

I have so many thoughts constantly going around in my head, about last week, what will happen later today and the week to come. Sitting still for minutes only focusing on breathing in and then breathing out not being allowed to think makes my head hurt. I would say that even though the day after a session of this kind of yoga, my body doesn’t hurt all over the practice in doing nothing and thinking about nothing is super good.

Not thinking for an hour make me really hungry, so it’s a good thing that my favourite grocery store is located between the gym and my home, so I can stop and pick up some bacon and egg for a super yum brunch.

There you have it, the perfect Sunday morning! Now, of to IKEA.

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