A challenge raised by Miss T

Miss T’s challenge

As you can see, Carolina is now down to one more drinking day, and we are today at the turning point of the month. What do you think, will she make it? I would say we have been doing very well so far, but lets see how it continues. I took my first day drinking on day 2, cause we had a team event that i really could not decline, nor wanted to sip water on. The second one was a mistake, i went with a colleague for her birthday to have a glass of wine or two, but ended up drinking half a glass before she had to go and i went home, what a waste!! So, with that, i have two to go and feel pretty confident it will be a success, don’t have any big parties or other events coming up so.

Yesterday Carolina came with the idea of next month stop drinking coffee… that’s even worse!! Maybe i should give her a challenge of a number of exercises a week or running events with me or something? Ideas welcome!

xxx / Miss T

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