This changing of weekdays thing – the train gods are on!

In order to go fish n’ chippin yesterday I took the executive decision to change places on Monday and Tuesday, you know, the whole meat free Monday thing.

Obviously the train gods picked up on the whole thing and gave me a run for my money this morning.

Jumping on the train as the doors are closing, this is the borderline train to make it into work on time this morning, I thought I was home safe, ha! I wish! After being parked at the CPH Airport for some time the speakers start making a noise;

“There are currently an about 45 minute delay to get into the central station, if you are in a hurry to get there please take the metro”

Great! Since I am currently biking as much as possible to beat my sister in amount of k’s biked my bike is parked at the central station – going there to get it is just a waste of time with delays like that, so metro it is, together with pretty much everyone else on the train. Then it’s the bus, that of course is delayed as well, after some time two buses arrive at the same time.

I finally make it into the office, only 20 minutes delayed – happy freaking Monday, that should teach me to change around the days of the week.

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