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Another project for November

Remember when you were a kid? Before computers and internet? Back then we had something called letters. You wrote them on a piece of paper, stuffed that paper into envelopes and then you went to the mailbox and sent them off. Sometimes they arrived at their destination quickly, sometimes it took longer.

I had pen pals when I was a kid, I remember the excitement when you received a letter in the letterbox, opened it and read what someone had to say this time. Receiving e-mails do not give the same satisfaction at all, and I have thought a great deal lately on the old-fashioned letters and pen pals and have been thinking that I want to do that again.

So today, I found first one blog about letter writing and that blog then lead me to other blogs about letter writing and I realized that there is a whole community out there that still do old-fashioned letter writing. I want to do that to.

So November will be letter writing month. I will aim to write one letter a day, I can do it on the train – the morning paper just have to wait!

Now you ask yourself: Where will she send all these letters? Well, I will tell you – I’ll send one to you if you want, just send me your address using the ‘Contact’ option under the ‘Me’ menu. Since I doubt I will receive 30 addresses I will find some on all the blogs on letter writing out there and send them letters.

I think I will even go and invest in some nice paper and envelopes!

8 thoughts on “Another project for November

  1. Ooh, but I write letters. I’m one of those obscure internet people who still do it. One or two per week since forever. I’ll send you my address, and I’ll even send you a reply by snail mail.


  2. i also had pen pals from all over the world when i was in school.. i remember it was so exciting to wait for the next reply even it was only ‘how are you, how many brothers and sisters you have, etc’.. just simple English 🙂


    1. Nice that you identify yourself Almeria 😉 I didn’t realize that there were so many around me that also liked good old fashioned letters 🙂 Maybe we can have an envelope making session one night…you are for sure better at that stuff than me 😉


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