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Daily Promt

Being home sick, sitting on the couch falling in and out of sleep bores me, thankfully there is the internet even if it tunes in and out more than I do. Surfing around I found WordPress’s very own Daily Prompt, that is there to help people out with blogging, you know them prompt them to start writing – and here I thought blogging was something you did when you had something to blog about, guess that was just me.

Today’s prompt was;

What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

So firstly we have people who are sitting there, stuck, maybe on a temporary low on ideas for what to write about and then we just make them sit and think about what other people think and say about them. For me, the simple answer would be that i don’t care enough about what other people say to have an answer.

Once upon a time I did care, it just makes you so depressed to always walk on eggshells to make sure that you don’t offend someone so they go say things behind your back, or that you cross a line that you didn’t know was there and make some a mortal enemy for ever.

It shouldn’t matter what people say about you! Be happy with yourself and it all that matters!

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