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It seem like it is time to stop shopping at H&M

I absolutely love H&M as their clothes fit me perfectly, I usually never try them on in the store or just order online and they still fit because I know my sizes. I guess the best of all is that they are affordable and if you like something in one color you can afford to buy the same item in one or several more colors.

Me as any other sane person realize that cheap clothes like that comes to a cost and as long as that cost is on the people making the clothes. It is easy to pretend that there aren’t underpaid women in Asia working to long hours to feed their children, as long as it stay hidden.

However when it comes into light, then it is hard to keep pretending. And when it sounds like H&M aren’t interested in actually doing something about the situation, then I’m not really interested in shopping at H&M. If H&M think that Cambodia should be happy that they utilize services from their country! Really, so because H&M are doing them a favor it’s just fine to not care at all about the little person? At least give them decent working conditions!

Right now, I would say that about 90% of my wardrobe comes from H&M – that will not be the future as I will now stop shopping there until they adopt a more humane attitude!


3 thoughts on “It seem like it is time to stop shopping at H&M

  1. It’s the same as Primark in the UK, they are guilty of the same things. However as long as people are not willing to pay high prices for closes the market for these kind of human rights abuses will be there.

    Problem is especially in the western world people are so used to paying low prices because some of them can’t afford other clothing, or they prefere spend thier money on other things it will be hard to change these attitudes on a mass scale that will resolve this issue.

    Mass media could help but in the end it depends if the little person is willing to go out and spend a few krona more ( sometimes a lot more than a few). Most are not willling.


    1. Well, technically you can get cheaper clothes in several of the larger super markets, if it’s only cheap you are looking for. I guess it is more of making people aware of what their spending in the wrong store impact other peoples lives, it is however very easy to turn a blind eye to what is going on so far away.

      I guess it is all part of the consumerism that we all are stuck in, where things and clothes are more important than other people.


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