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Yey, another letter for me!

I must admit that the best part of sending letters is to receive letters back, not matter what they contain it is a nice feeling when you enter your home and there is something that is not a bill waiting for you. This one came with tea!

For meTea for me

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I know I said no more projects for December

This one isn’t that hard or time-consuming though, I find it more interesting and probably healthy! I will write a time journal, i.e every day I will write down how much time I spend on different things, like sitting on trains, playing CastleVille or just surfing the internet, all of it will be written down. I’m not saying that I will post the outcome every day so this is not a promise of daily postings, especially not since there will be Christmas Eve and all of that.

I am interested in knowing on how much time I spend on things that most of us consider “waste of time” and whether or not I really consider it being a waste of my time. Thus, keeping track I will, starting on the 1st of December!

Has anyone done this, I know it is recommended when you read books/articles on how to become more efficient. Did you think it worked? Do one really want to know how much time we spend on certain things? Does one also keep track of visits to the toilet?

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The Timekeeper

When I was over in the US earlier this year I did some cheap book shopping, and amongst other I picked up the book The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom whom I fell in love with (as an author) when I read Tuesdays with Morrie. The Timekeeper is another well worth reading book as it make you think about what we have and what we want.

It’s all about time, and how we never seem to have enough of it, how we use it differently and how some of us waste it while others want more – either way we are never happy. It remind us that the one thing we know for sure is that each and every one of us will die, the one certainty we all have from the day we are born, all other things in our life we can never foresee.

It’s also about how we waste time until the point in time have the realization that we are close to the end, so reading this book is a reminder to take advantage of the time we have now! It is written is such a simple way, without complications and difficult words that only smart people can read. The only objection I would have is the God thrown into the mix since I do not believe in any kind of God, it such a small part of the big picture that it doesn’t ruin the experience though. The message remains the same!

It might be that the subject of this book comes very close to heart right now and that is why it made such an impact on me. I want to believe that even if it wasn’t so I would sit down and have a good think after reading it – and I recommend all of you to read it!

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Stamps, stamps everywhere!

It turned out that my mother had loads of stamps at home (that she used to work for the Swedish post might have something to do with that) and she said I could have some 🙂 this is what I managed to scrape together;


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Letter No 12 & 13

These two letters are for two very important people and they go together, thus one post for both of them. They will be put in the mail at the same time and I hope that the mailman get that they also should be delivered at the same time!You can see all the previous letters if you want, together with the ones that I have received back this far, all you have to do is click here!

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Movie of the Week – Twilight

I can’t believe that I almost forgot to tell you guys all about my popcorn dinner on Sunday night. Oh wait! It wasn’t the popcorn dinner that was supposed to be the main focus of this post; it was the movie we went to see!

Since I have read all the books in the Twilight series and have seen the previous movies, how could I not go see the last one? It’s not every day I have the chance to go see a movie with my sister either (yes I know there are plenty others that we could have seen! let’s not over analyse it, ok!?!) so why not squeeze some quality time in on a boring Sunday night.The movie! It was worse than expected, which says a lot since my expectations from seeing previous movies weren’t that high. The actors haven’t gotten much better (my favorite is the dude that plays Bella’s dad, he is capable of conveying believable emotions) and the storyline wasn’t that great to begin with…

By the end of the day, if you read the book, seen the movies then go see it, just don’t expect any miracles and make sure you have plenty of popcorn to stuff your mouth with in order to muffle the giggles when you aren’t supposed to giggle!

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More quality time with the family!

Working from Gotham City enables quality time with my family, something I’m not to spoilt with even if I don’t live that far away from them. Lunch today was at what we could now call me and mothers regular lunch spot, since we were there the last time I was visiting as well, they have a good deal on the lunch and always have soup of the day. I couldn’t find a webpage for it, there is a Facebook page on the other hand and the next time you visit Gotham I suggest you stop by, it’s called Jacobs Cafe.

Then, when my sister finished work she, I and her girls went for dinner after I got to join in picking them up from daycare. You get a bit warm and fussy inside when your niece run up to you and give you a hug while telling everyone that I’m her auntie. Eating dinner with them is a task though, I don’t think I will ever figure out where kids get all their energy from. Since I love taking pictures of food I started with the yum Miso soup we ate while waiting for our sushi to be ready, then guess what! I got so distracted by hanging out with the family that there were no more pictures taken, go figure.On our way back to my sisters home she was kindly asking me if I wanted to take some christmas decorations home with me…then she laughed! I love my sister – sometimes! If you want to know what the joke is all about you can check that out here.