How about being nice to the environment? · Spending with Care

Spending whit care, how did that go?

One of my October challenges was to spend with care, looking back now I’m not sure that it went that well, I managed to spend a lot. However I would say that some of the purchases were perfectly valid such as vacation trip to the US, a weekend trip to Hamburg and plane tickets for a trip to Norway later this year. I was so in need of vacation and it was also on the list of things to do for 2012.

I also bought some more furniture for my home, true I could have waited for a month to keep them out of the October shopping still I’m a very impulsive person and have a tendency to just do things. The kitchen table haven’t been assembled yet since I need to move the old one first, once it’s up I will get some pictures on here and you can see what I mean.

I did also buy some clothes, most of it in the US. I was on vacation and it was cheap, and it wasn’t H&M, all but one post on my vacation trip there is still waiting for me to post them together with some other ones on what I have been up to this year – something about there only being 24hr in a day and sleep is required as well.

I have thought twice before purchasing some things during the month and I don’t think that will change, as giving a thought to the environment, the rest of the world and what you really need before buying it does keep you back. My decision to stop shopping at H&M for now also make a difference as plenty of my stupid impulsive shopping is taking place there.

Well, I think I might try it again down the road, however Christmas is coming up and this year it’s what we call a BIG Christmas, when the whole (and I mean the whole) family meet up at my mother’s place. Christmas presents are a must! Purchased with care of course.

I almost forgot, during the month of October I became a collector of Starbucks mugs, so I might have gotten a few of those as well…oops!

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