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On one of those things we call ‘A Train’ again

What a surprise, I wonder if I am close to breaking any records for kilometers covered on a train? Might be a future project.

It has been an intense, short, impromptu trip to Gotham City for reasons I choose to not reveal here, whatever the reason it is always nice to see your family and have some quality time with them. Mostly with mother dearest this time around, some with dad and a quick taco dinner hit my sister and her family.

The few days have contained two letters written (if I don’t fall asleep on here on the train I will write another one); to d

I  managed do a minimum amount of shopping, if you don’t count the father’s day present and the stamps that I bought for sending of the letters.

I got to have lunch with my mother, and what a lunch – no, I didn’t manage to eat the whole thing, would you have?The last stop in Gotham this time around was the last bout of mother quality time at the cosy Starbucks at the central station. Of course I bought the Gotham Starbucks mug, and I could post a picture of it here, I am however sitting on a fairly full train so  will not pull it out for a picture here and now, instead you get one of the wonderful cappuccino I had;
As a small FYI, this whole post is one big procrastination since I promised my colleague that I would update a PowerPoint before I went on vacation (which I’m doing now) and I had to do something else this afternoon I need to do it now. You know, when you sit on a train, in the evening and it’s dark outside, PowerPoint stuff is kind of the last ting you want to do! Some progress have been done though.

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