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Meeting Miss Sunshine

I made it to Bergen on time and my bag made it there as well, have been surprisingly jinx free this week! Since Miss Sunshine’s flight wasn’t due to land until an hour after mine I stopped by the 7/11 to get something to eat. As I sit down in front of these doors;


and the wait, I happened to look up at the arrival board and see that her flight is an hour early (awesome). Pretty much I had just sat down and started eating when she came out. Now the fun could begin!

It started with the bus, we got on it and paid the normal overpriced fare for an airport bus and told the bus driver where we were going and sat down for a six year catch-up session.

As the bus stops, the driver tells people when they need to get of, and kind of just expected him to do the same for us, he didn’t. All of the sudden we were on our way back again. After talking to the driver he tell us we can get of at the next stop and just walk straight! We did and we lost track. After standing with a map looking lost, q nice Norwegian lady got us back on track and we found our backpackers 🙂


We made our beds, sat down for a few minutes and then went for a walk, a short walk it turned out, then the writer needed one of these;


Then another short walk for some of this;


And the view of course!


In the same building as the backpackers there is a small ecological restaurant were we decided to have dinner. My choice fell on a chicken wok while Miss Sunshine had a vegetarian burger.

It was a good thing we choose that place as the rain started pouring down while we were eating, easy to get home without soaking. Now we are hiding away in the warm lounge room with a cup of tea each, me blogging and soon writing a letter, Miss S planning our day tomorrow 🙂


3 thoughts on “Meeting Miss Sunshine

  1. Garage is an old classic to visit for beer. If you happen to pass them, my old old house is øvre blekevei 16, my school is bergen katedralskole and i was baptised in the old korskirken. Do try the skillingsboller for breakfast tomorrow at Godt Brød. Give my regards to the statues!


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