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Oh what a morning!

Due to the last minute trip to Gotham city this week, I had a busy morning this morning. On the train home last night I wrote a very detailed list of what to do and what time.

Surprisingly enough I woke up an hour before the alarm was set, and bright awake, not bad for a non- morning person! It also turned out that I had been way to generous with the time in my schedule or I was just super efficient, so a couple of hours ahead of time my trusted companion was at the front door, waiting for departure;


This dude has been with me since 1998 when my dad bought him for me. Our first trip was to the faraoe islands, after that we have been all over the world, he has even been more places than me!

After actually getting more done than was on my list, I even had time to stop by the 7/11 to get a stamp for my latest letter and mail it before getting on the train to the airport.

Just in order to squeeze as much into a day as possible, I also had a date with two awesome ladies for my favorite coffee.


Now I’m sitting at the gate waiting for boarding and then finally meeting miss sunshine in dark and cold Bergen!

By the way, burglars do not bother, a good friend of mine is staying at my place while I’m gone 😉

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