Noway 2012 · Travels

What a night!

In our room last night we found the strangest Chinese lady the world has seen for a long time, constantly talking and asking questions is one thing. However she never went to sleep, and refused to turn of the light all night, moving about and clicking away on her phone that beeped in regular intervals. At the same time I had the cough from hell and woke myself up several times from coughing so hard that the whole bed was shaking, probably keeping Miss Sunshine awake as well. Needless to say, none of us got much sleep before getting up around 7 in order to get ready for our ferry that would take us to Stavanger.

The boat ride was 4.5 hours and parts of it in pretty rough sea, my tummy was moving up and down in such a way that I was worried that my small breakfast of yoghurt and bananas would come back up, no fun at all. And not many pictures taken since focus was on sitting down and doing not much.

Once in Stavanger, once again we visited the tourist information in order to score some housing, the poor girl in there wasn’t much help and we had to revert to what had worked the day before; the public library. We Googled some hotels and had to realize that what most people would call cheap accommodation was not to be found here in Stavanger. Our home for the next two nights is therefore the Stavanger Bed and Breakfast (890NOK per night, breakfast included and as it turns out, waffles at nine pm).

After walking the small hike up the hills to check in, we ditched our bags and got back out in the rain again to look for lunch. There are no lack of coffee shops here, not that many proper lunch places though, after walking around we found a Thai Place and agreed that you can’t really go wrong with Thai.

After lunch we walked around the walking streets checking out some bookstores, had some more coffee and accidentally stumbled upon a shop with nice purses. As I was standing there trying to decide which one to get, Miss Sunshine came with the wonderful suggestion of getting both, so I did. It was a complete accident and all her fault.

We are now back at the B&B, waiting for the waffles to get ready and I am borrowing the reception PC to write these blog posts, such a difference writing on the computer rather than the phone. I just hope that the sync between PC and App works so I can go back in and add all the pictures, if not the posts wont be posted today or they will be posted without pictures.

Looks like an early night tonight, and fingers crossed for less or no rain tomorrow so our sightseeing in Stavanger is less painful.

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