Noway 2012 · Travels

Doing nothing really!

When we came out for breakfast this morning the sweet girl in the reception asked us if we wanted some eggs and bacon, I’m not the one to turn that down!


Once brekkie was finished we did have some problems since we managed to walk up and down pretty much every street in Stavanger yesterday we were out of things to do. After being allowed one extra hour in the room just watching tv we dumped our bags in the B&B office and headed out.


Yesterday we walked past a cute little book cafe and decided to head back there and waste some time before getting the ferry back to Bergen.





Before getting on the ferry we stopped for some take-away and I finally got me some sushi, again a new price record. It was yum, yum even so.


Now we are sitting on a very rocky boat, very unhappy about that. Fortunately there are enormous amount of SD Gate reading out there on the web that can take my mind of the fact that I’m on a boat and that the same boat is not on a smooth ride.

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