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The 7’s of Monday!

  1. Get up when the alarm clock goes off! – I’m to smart for my own good! The alarm is still going of when snoozing so in the future I need to be more specific when I write stuff like this!
  2. Bring coffee from home rather than 7/11 (even if I love the boys that work there!)! I did bring coffee, and also noticed on how low I am on thermos mugs, wondering if the freaking cleaner managed to accidentally throw out a few of those to!?!
  3. Write 4000 words for NaNoWriMo! Too tired, and are realizing I will have problems meeting the deadline no matter how much I want to…life keep getting in the way!
  4. Apply for at least one job! Done, done and done! This one is a temporary one in Gotham City, thought it might be nice to be close to the family for a little while.
  5. Cook dinner at home! You are not getting a picture because I just had a plate of tomato & mozzarella salad, some proper crispy bread and a cup of tea. It might not be proper food really, good enough for me though!
  6. Organize one thing in my apartment! Hmm…since it’s my list and my apartment, I will say I did this, just wont tell you what! 😉
  7. Do a good deed for another person! Seeing the joy when of my friends received the letter I sent to her, and the fact that she posted pics of it in every angle will have to due for today, if no one else have a better suggestion!

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