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The 7’s of Saturday

  1. Get up when the alarm clock goes off! I really need to be more specific, the weekend doesn’t come with an alarm! This Saturday came with a couple of nieces which is kind of the same, and there is really no option but getting out of bed!
  2. Bring coffee from home rather than 7/11 (even if I love the boys that work there!)! Since I’m in Gotham City, my lovely mother made me coffee! And I love her more than the boys at 7/11!
  3. Write 4000 words for NaNoWriMo!
  4. Apply for at least one job! Why do today what you can postpone until tomorrow, guess Sunday will be big job application day!
  5. Cook dinner at home! A bit hard when not home, and I did go to Gotham to celebrate my grandmothers 90th birthday (go gran!) so we went out for dinner 🙂
  6. Organize one thing in my apartment! A bit hard when not home!
  7. Do a good deed for another person! Does making your gran super happy by showing up count?

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