Always look at the bright side of life

It’s nice that somethings never change

On Saturday night, after spending an evening with the family celebrating the fact that my grandmother manged to reach the big 90, I felt like a night in town. It is a bit special to hit town in good old Gotham City since I don’t live here anymore and the fact that most of my friends here live the old-fashioned family life. There is the random few people who are still living the life that suits the long-lost me so I did have company over a couple of beers, yey!

On my way home I passed by the bar of my (kind of) youth, The Dancing Dingo, for old-time sake. As I walked around the corner and saw the line outside I was prepared to give up already there and go home and hit the sack, then I noticed the bouncer, same as it was in the past and I could get in a bit quicker, nice one. Inside I then find some of the old crowd, obviously they haven’t changed their habits and there was a nice little hugging party, it didn’t end there though. A beer later even more people showed up and more hugs, memories and laughs were shared.

It was a great mood improver, and even though changes are nice it is always nice with the things that never change! Perfect night!

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