7 Things

The 7’s of Sunday

  1. Get up when the alarm clock goes off! Sunday, tra la la – no alarm (and a bit tired after the adventures the night before so very deserving of a nice sleep in!)
  2. Bring coffee from home rather than 7/11 (even if I love the boys that work there!)! Once again coffee from the lovely mother dearest!
  3. Write 4000 words for NaNoWriMo!
  4. Apply for at least one job! Prepping for the Monday interview instead.
  5. Cook dinner at home! Had popcorn dinner at the movies, much better!
  6. Organize one thing in my apartment! A bit hard when you aren’t in it…
  7. Do a good deed for another person! Making my sister go to the movies with me is so counted as a good deed!

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