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More quality time with the family!

Working from Gotham City enables quality time with my family, something I’m not to spoilt with even if I don’t live that far away from them. Lunch today was at what we could now call me and mothers regular lunch spot, since we were there the last time I was visiting as well, they have a good deal on the lunch and always have soup of the day. I couldn’t find a webpage for it, there is a Facebook page on the other hand and the next time you visit Gotham I suggest you stop by, it’s called Jacobs Cafe.

Then, when my sister finished work she, I and her girls went for dinner after I got to join in picking them up from daycare. You get a bit warm and fussy inside when your niece run up to you and give you a hug while telling everyone that I’m her auntie. Eating dinner with them is a task though, I don’t think I will ever figure out where kids get all their energy from. Since I love taking pictures of food I started with the yum Miso soup we ate while waiting for our sushi to be ready, then guess what! I got so distracted by hanging out with the family that there were no more pictures taken, go figure.On our way back to my sisters home she was kindly asking me if I wanted to take some christmas decorations home with me…then she laughed! I love my sister – sometimes! If you want to know what the joke is all about you can check that out here.

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