Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week – Twilight

I can’t believe that I almost forgot to tell you guys all about my popcorn dinner on Sunday night. Oh wait! It wasn’t the popcorn dinner that was supposed to be the main focus of this post; it was the movie we went to see!

Since I have read all the books in the Twilight series and have seen the previous movies, how could I not go see the last one? It’s not every day I have the chance to go see a movie with my sister either (yes I know there are plenty others that we could have seen! let’s not over analyse it, ok!?!) so why not squeeze some quality time in on a boring Sunday night.The movie! It was worse than expected, which says a lot since my expectations from seeing previous movies weren’t that high. The actors haven’t gotten much better (my favorite is the dude that plays Bella’s dad, he is capable of conveying believable emotions) and the storyline wasn’t that great to begin with…

By the end of the day, if you read the book, seen the movies then go see it, just don’t expect any miracles and make sure you have plenty of popcorn to stuff your mouth with in order to muffle the giggles when you aren’t supposed to giggle!

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