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7 things that I’m going to do during 2013

I want to say that 2012’s 7 list went pretty good, so it feels perfectly right to make one for 2013 as well. To not make life too easy for myself I wont just copy paste last years list.

  1. Have one project/challenge per month, no more, no less. They are to be realistic and doable even if life accidentally comes in the way. Any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.
  2. Try and do something new each week. It’s not as hard as it sounds, checking out a new shop is something new for example. Visit a museum I haven’t been to before, cook something I never tried before etc.
  3. Travel to one of the two continents that I haven’t been to.  Still haven’t managed to take a tour to Africa or South America, 2013 should be the year for at least one of them. Who wants to come?
  4. Write at least one chapter on my book each month! This way I might actually finish it in my lifetime.
  5. Finally get around to getting myself a driver’s license! I think that 33 years old sounds like the perfect age to get a license.
  6. This year I will put my self on a budget and follow it! I am great at making budgets and even better at not follow them, so this year I will set a budget each month and follow them. I assume that the reward will be one big juicy savings account that can be used for point 3!
  7. Complete the Gothenburg Classic! This is my brother-in-laws fault, if it wasn’t for him I had never heard of this event and come up with the great idea to do it. Now it’s too late, I just have to do it. What is it you ask yourself. Well I will tell you 1) A 50k bike-race 2) A 1k swim 3) A 10k run.
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A Christmas Gift in action

I know I have been raving a bit about my Christmas gifts this year, it’s just that they were so perfect. One of the things that I got was a puzzle mat.The puzzle

I can’t be the only one that start-up a puzzle and then run out of time or get distracted by other things and then it’s just there taking space? Well, Santa gave me this puzzle mat this year, so I now moved the puzzle over to it (I bet it’s a lot easier to use if you start your puzzle on it rather than moving it), rolled the thing up and ta da I can use the table again.



Rolled up

It might be time to get a table-cloth! Or even better, a new table! The one I have now is two tables taped together. I got them when I lived in a small studio where it was practical to be able to put one away or on top of each other. Now on the other hand I live in a grown-up home and there is room for one proper table, just haven’t found the perfect one yet.Clean table

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I made it home this time as well :)

It took an hour into my trip today before the food cart arrived to my seat, at that point I was so hungry that I splashed on dessert as well.


It took less than an hour into my trip today before the computer died, it feels like the battery is very quickly becoming worse and worse, not a good sign. I had to spend the rest of the train ride doing things like Sudoku and math problems, and read a book! Where is the world going?

sudoko book

The very short walk home from the station today felt ten times as long as usual, thanks for that Santa! Didn’t help that I stopped by the magical grocery store at the station before I started walking. Just check out the opening hours of this place (they charge accordingly for their goods btw).coop

Now I’m sitting on my couch just chillin, waiting for the baked potatoes to finish. I wish I could say that it will be a very, very long time until I get on another train, sadly that is not meant to be. Tomorrow it is New Year’s Eve and that will be celebrated in Copenhagen, thus another train!

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I’m not the only one travelling today!

Sitting on the train again, a pretty full one to that which doesn’t affect me that much since I’m sticking with my snobbish way and going first class. After a pretty chill morning the last few minutes before the train left became pretty stressful as I was not the only one getting a ride by car to the station so there was a bit of a que to get into the station. Then I had to rush to get a ticket and once again my plans for getting some food before getting on the train was ruined by the line to the ticket machine.

It doesn’t help when your luggage is something like three times as large as it was when you arrived in Gotham, something to do with Santa…

My thingsLuggage

I did manage to get on the train on time, nice to not have to wait another hour for the next one. It left one minute late and I hope that is the only delay we get today since I’m now really homesick. It’s fine while in Gotham and with the parents, as soon as the journey home has begun all you want to do is reach your destination. The power on the trains also haven’t been fixed yet and current battery time is one hour and 19 minutes, not even half-way, no fun at all as it makes the trip more boring.

Now I’m waiting for the expensive food cart to arrive so I can get something in my belly, I’m guessing it will take some time. Even if all the people in the carts between me and the food are to purchase something, the tendency of bags and stuff in the way seem to delay its arrival next to me.

Fingers crossed for a smooth and easy ride to Malmö, hopefully the train is full of the kind of people who are lucky with their travels and that it keep the jinx away!

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#7 of 7 things that I was going to do during 2012

Last year I made a post on 7 things that I was going to do during 2012, now I bet you all wonder if I did! So I thought a little follow-up would be in place as we count down the days towards the new year!

Have a job that I want to stay in for a few years. Not sure anyone can have avoided noticing my leaving and starting jobs over the past year and a half. At this time in 2012, my expectation is that I will have a job where I am planning to stay for the next few years coming.

Well, this didn’t happen. At least I am not sitting in a job that I don’t want, well I don’t have a job at all at the moment so 2013 is wide open on this one.

It is also funny how life changes, just over a year the need for a steady job for the years to come have change into the complete opposite. Many of the jobs I am looking at are short-term temp jobs for just a few months. The way that life around me right now I don’t want to commit for more than that as I’m not completely sure what will happen over the next few months.

This item wont be a part of 2013, just getting a job might be there though, we’ll see.

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Family time

I live in Malmö, my sister live in Gotham City and my cousin live in Dubai, needless to say we don’t see each other that often, especially not just the three of us. Adding to that my sister have two children and a husband and the cousin have a husband and a quite new little baby! This mean that even when we accidentally happen to be in the same city at the same time, meeting up is difficult, so afternoons like the one we had today are rare and more precious – we managed to meet up.Outside

At one o’clock (or six minutes past for those who can’t be on time) we met up at a really cozy café at the Gothenburg waterside, Baka Stenungsbakeri. If you ever pass by Gotham it is definitely worth a visit, especially during the summery part of the year when you can sit outside. Just be prepared for plenty of decisions, if you want a sandwich first you need to choose the bread, and trust me it’s not an easy task; too many different kinds that all sound and look yummy, it’s worth it though.Sandwich

The good thing about family (at least our’s) is that you have known each other for so long that we always have loads to talk about, or more like making fun of each other so much that we are laughing at the extent that even I started to wonder if someone might have spiked it.Interior

After the first round of coffee we just weren’t talked out yet and had to order a second round, I am pretty sure that it was a good thing that the place closed at three, otherwise we probably would have been sitting there still.Second pot

(I do apologize or the kind of blurry pictures, might have had a tad much coffee)

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#6 of 7 things that I was going to do during 2012

Last year I made a post on 7 things that I was going to do during 2012, now I bet you all wonder if I did! So I thought a little follow-up would be in place as we count down the days towards the new year!

Continue my positive thinking. Thinking positive at all times is harder than one can think, but it does make your mood a bit better, so I will try to continue the exercise. At least those I have on Facebook might have noticed the attempts of happy thoughts when trains are delayed, parts of bikes being stolen etc.

I think I have been pretty good at this, and people around me have mentioned that there has been an improvement. I still do get into a negative frame of mind from time to time, however I deal with it a bit better now-a-days, and not matter what 2013 that will continue. No need to put it on next years list!

Below, you can see some of my tweets over the year;

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