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Bye, bye, Meatfree Monday!

I have tried it and I just have to realize that it isn’t my thing, I love my meat, fish and chicken way to much to stay of it! And since I like them all so much, any excuse to eat them and I take it, and that isn’t fair to  Monday. Instead, I have decided to aim for Ecological food instead, I mean that is good for the environment as well, right?

So when I go do my grocery shopping I will aim for the ecological option as much as possible, unless I know it tastes horrible or I know the prices is way of the chart.

However, since I have a very long list of vegetarian food recipes that looks yum, I can try them as well, I’m just not going to make myself stay of something I like for one day a week just because!

Please don’t hate me readers!

4 thoughts on “Bye, bye, Meatfree Monday!

  1. Jag tror vi behöver 2 gröna dagar i veckan och då och då en grön söndagsmiddag. Men om du nu kör ekologiskt och kan vegetariskt så är jag jätteglad. Kämpar sjalv. Kram moster


    1. Ibland blir det ju grönt av bara farten utan att man tänker på det, är nog viktigare att man äter vad man tycker är gott och vill ha just då, än att begränsa intaget av något!


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