The problems, the problems!

Like most people I have more than one e-mail address, preferably with different providers, and there is the work one, and not to forget one for each university that I study at when taking my online courses. I also use two different blog services (you might have noticed that as well).

They all look different, have different functionalities and some kind of messenger program attached to them, with different functionalities and layouts. In addition to that you have the readers, which I am addicted to so I don’t have to stop by all my favourite blogs, online mags and all the other things I follow.

It is becoming a tad bit too much to keep track of it all, and some kind of streamlining needs to be done. Over the past month or so, I have been using Netvibes, where you could collect all your RSS feeds as well as updates from your different e-mail accounts, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It was pretty cool and made my life simpler, except for the fact that it could take more than six hours before an update reached me, and I am sorry but reading something that was posted six(!) hours ago in the world we live in, not acceptable!

So now I am trying feedly instead, however in this one you can’t add your e-mails and linked in, twitter and Facebook works kind of, they are linked to whatever account is logged on your pc at the moment, so there is problems if your friend quickly logon to check their Facebook account for example.

Now Hotmail is also changing into Outlook, a program that I am used to work with and are very comfortable with. I like the new set-up and think that I might like it a tad better than g-mail. However I have many accounts linked to my Gmail mail!

I am starting to confuse myself here, with all the different accounts, providers and services so I was hoping for some assistance. How do you keep track of all your different social medias and e-mails? What provider do you think is the best (oh my, maybe I should throw in a poll, don’t think I have had one forever!!)

And how do you feel about RSS readers, any suggestion on which is the best one, where I can build an overview of all my favourite internet items (not that I am a control freak or anything like that)? The main requirement is that it is an online service, not something that have to be downloaded on my computer or phone, with the rate that I break computers and phones the hassle of having to re-install things is big enough as it is.

I guess, preferably, I would find one provider where I can use all of their things, like mail, messenger, blogging etc, however there always seem to come a moment when you need to sign-up for something that require log-on information to one of the other providers.

As I said, what problems we have in the world today!

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