Movie of the Week

Movie of the week – Skyfall

After a couple of off days with communication time-out and all that, I found myself in the need of once again join the rest of the world by going to see a movie. I have to say that the selection at the moment is a bit slim, I guess this is due to all the big Christmas premiers, especially a bit later in the evening, I couldn’t stay away from thee latest Bond movie however.


I know that it is Friday and couples night at the movies, well, it is usually couples night at the movies, I don’t know that many people like me – the type that kind of like going to the movies by myself. What I had forgotten though is that Friday night couples are the one that can’t be able to go to the movies that often, since they can’t remember common curtsy of being quiet during the movie. Sometimes I want to stand up and just remind them all that they are not sitting at home in their own couch and it would be appreciated if they could just shut up! Trust me, the Friday couples are the worst, and for the next time I will try to remember why I have promised myself so many times to not go to the movies on Fridays.

Maybe I should mention something about the movie as well? It’s a Bond movie, and I found myself liking it more than expected. I haven’t really appreciated David Craig in the role before, after this movie I do. He managed to have the same laid back cool with the twinkle in his eye as my favorite Bond, Sean Connery.


I did get the feeling that this could be good already during the opening credits, they are cool man! The colors, and the song – a perfect Bond song! They managed to keep the colors, light and camera in a nice on they eye kind of way through the whole movie, and I found myself enjoying the movie, the jokes and the best of all – the new Q. Can I have one of those please?


Nah, as someone who grew up on Bond movies, my dad still take every chance he can to make us sit through them, I strongly recommend you see this if you want to sit down and just enjoy. The only thing bad I have to say about it is the length, a Bond movie should not be longer than 90 minutes or thereabouts this one is over two. I forgive them though, the end make you forgive it all! The end was absolutely fantastic! It made me look forward to the next one, scary!!

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