7 Things · The Drafts!

7 things that I will do this week!

Draft number two to make it from the drafts to the actual blog is another 7 things. I wrote this list in April, on the 21st to be more exact, however I think can be applicable for the coming week. I will admit to have changed the times in point 1 and 4 – this due to changed circumstances now compared to April!

Lets try a new format this week, instead of doing 7 things in total for the week, I will split my day into 7 parts.

  1. Get up without snoozing at 8:00 Monday to Friday.
  2. Go for a run, bike ride or do some yoga every morning.
  3. Make a smoothie or have good morning snacks on hand.
  4. Be at work at 10am and work until 3pm.
  5. Do something after work, not going straight home and no alcohol.
  6. Eat dinner, either home-made or in a restaurant/take-away.
  7. Go to bed no later than midnight.

For you that wonder, one of my December challenges is to clear out all the drafts that have piled up since I started the blog.

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