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I can be girlish as well!

My dear cousin has decided that her daughter are to be christened and that causes problems; a dress is required. I have a couple, one that is to summery that have been used at one wedding. One that works during the winter, that has been used for two weddings – including the one of my cousin. There are a long black one, my mother informed me that black is not acceptable. Then there are the random summer dresses that wont do.

So today I spent the whole day on the couch going through the selection at, and damn that is dangerous! I found loads and now I have to decide on which one(s), maybe I should get one for New Years as well!?!

I thought that just to prove to all the non-belivers that I actually have been looking at dresses, here are some of the ones that I am considering, what ya all think?

Jerseyklänning - BeigeMaxiklänning - BruntStickad klänning - BruntCocktailklänning - LjusrosaIRINA - Cocktailklänning - BeigeJerseyklänning - BlåttGINNY - Cocktailklänning - BruntStickad klänning - BruntJerseyklänning - BlåttZOE - Maxiklänning - BlåttStickad klänning - RöttJerseyklänning - MörkblåJerseyklänning - BlåttCocktailklänning - OrangeJerseyklänning - OrangeRANI - Maxiklänning - BlåttJerseyklänning - Roströd

I just don’t know which one to choose! Will have to spend a while more trying to decide, I will not however keep looking. Which one do you put your vote on?

5 thoughts on “I can be girlish as well!

  1. Du maste verkligen inte ha klanning om du inte vill! Det ar ju ingen dresscode… Men om du verkligen ska kopa en av klanningarna ovan sa tycker jag dessa var finast: 1, 3, 14 (samma som Anna), 14 och 15. Manga fina!


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