Quality of Life

If you ever are in Copenhagen in December!

Today is Saturday and after the visit to the movies last night I felt ready for more people today, so lucky me that one of my friends invited me over for dinner with her and her boyfriend tonight. Good old me managed to be about an hour later than the time she had mentioned, bad me, after dropping Mr Tod off and all, however since the dinner was to be chili it only got better with an extra hour on the stove.Wine

The moment I got inside her place she gave me a nice glass of wine, that I later realized was from this years company Christmas part, which means there are two bottles in the office just waiting for me to bring home.Dinner

After enjoying the dinner we headed out towards the world-famous Tivoli, and it is a treat. If you are ever in Copenhagen in December then I seriously suggest that you stop for a visit. I need to be after dark though, so that you can enjoy all the lights.

One of the first things we saw was the required reindeer – of course!RaindeersAnd for you who doesn’t know, it’s pretty cold in this part of the world at this time of the year, which mean that hanging out in the outdoors become a bit chilly, so we decided to go for something warm. My beverage of choice was an Irish Coffee (in a plastic cup).Irish CoffeeThe also had strange globes with loads of light, and how would anyone be able to resist sitting on them having their picture taken? You have to admit it looks pretty cool!MeThen there are the pretty buildings, the rides (we got on two) and the beautiful views.BuildingKarusellViewAfter all that we got really cold and felt that we needed to warm up before heading home, so we stopped by one of my favourite places in Copenhagen – Jernbanecafeen. This is a really nice little family owned bar right next to the central station. They have their own beer, and if you drink enough of them (or get your friends to help you) you earn medals.BeerAll in all it was a nice Saturday evening!

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