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Student vs Comfort

Draft no 3 in my December challenge of getting them all either published or moved to the trash. This one is related to my student budget experiment earlier this year, I don’t know why it didn’t make it to the blog (it might be because I am admitting to cheating)!

It’s soon time for a long weekend in the summer-house together with the family. Due to different reasons the tickets haven’t been booked and paid for before I started on a student budget so they now have to be included, not so smart. I am assuming that as a student you will pick the cheapest alternative, in this case the bus, I managed to find a ticket that was half of what the train costs. However the bus takes more than twice as long as the train, and I don’t want to waste 14hrs of my 4-day weekend on a bus, so I will cheat. I will use the bus price for my spend (742sek) but still take the train. That is one of the benefits on living on a student budget but not really – it will still put a strain on my spend for the rest of the month.

On another note, this student budget thing is doing wonders for my coffee intake, now when I have to pay for each and every cup of coffee that I drink, I’m starting to opt for hot water rather than a cup of coffee.

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