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The evil train jinx!

Right now I am sitting on a train towards Gotham city (yes, again), you would probably call it running home. There is one week and one day left until my last day at work, and not much more left of 2012 – and I am feeling sad and down. Nothing really make sense or feel like it’s worth doing, lets blame it on the dark why don’t we?

So, instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself getting nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, done, I decided to jump on the train and go home to the parents. That way I can sit in their home feeling sorry for myself, getting absolutely nothing done.

I left home in time to make sure that I could purchase a ticket and get a snack, since I also have to admit that the eating might not have been the best over the past few days (yes I know it doesn’t make the situation any better). Due to the snow it took a bit longer to make my way to the station than expected so I rush in, get my ticket and quickly grab something in the kiosk!Snack

Then of course it turns out that the damn train is delayed, it was supposed to leave at 18:08, then it moved to 18:16, then 18:20, 18:22, 18:24 and then finally it departed at 18:28 – only 20 minutes delayed! It’s the lovely train jinx, the train gods do anything they can to make my life miserable.

Sometimes I think they might try to tell me something, like today – like telling me that running home to mummy and daddy isn’t the best way to solve my troubles. I don’t care though, today I totally ignore them, so now I am sitting on an overfull delayed train with my sad little snack on my way home – in first class, I’m such a snob!

2 thoughts on “The evil train jinx!

  1. I have ran off to my parents’ as well, been home for a few days now but am going back this evening. I’d rather be in Backatorp and have company than just sit here and dwell on my own when things suck 😉


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