Quality of Life

A cold evening in Gotham City

Last weekend I was at Tivoli in Copenhagen, this weekend I was at Gotham City’s Tivoli – Liseberg. Unfortunately Gotham was showing its usual self tonight i.e. it was raining which kind of killed the mood a bit, it was still a nice evening together with mother dearest.

The rain pretty much started when we got there so we decided to start with the indoor shopping area.Shopping-horzThere wasn’t that much upstairs (I did manage to buy ½ christmas present though) so we decided to move back down and brave the rain. Almost the first thing that caught my eye was these little buggers;DonutsThey were yum, however they only helped kick starting my appetite so after a visit to the Christmas bookstore/cafe/Christmas foods in the old-fashioned way, we made a pit stop. And as the Christmas lover that I am, I thought that some proper Christmas food were in place!DinnerYeah right, I forgot, I’m not a christmas fan so some good old-fashioned junk food in the form of some corn chips, mince and Mexican like sauces did it for me! Then we moved on to more Christmassy things like;



An icy world
The world

Ice skaters
Iceskate rink

To not break the tradition from last week, I of course needed an Irish coffee, while my mother settled for some Glögg (a drink that I have never managed to like even though it’s kind of required for Swedish Christmas celebrations).Irish coffee vs Glögg

With strength of a tad alcohol we moved towards the gambling hall and executed, as per tradition, a horse-race. I came second in the whole race (there are up to 12 players in each round), my mother didn’t come first – I won! I won! I won! Hahahaha, love it!Horse raceAll in all it was a nice evening thus it saddens me that I have to say this – Tivoli won the competition for the coziest christmas amusement park. Liseberg won the shopping competition, I managed to find myself and early Christmas present!Pressie for meWhile waiting for the tram to take us home again, this was our beautiful view;From the outside

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