Quality of Life

A Sunday in December!

Sunday started a bit slow due to what one could call insomnia, not even the magic cup of coffee that just appear next to my bed in the mornings helped. Once the sister with family stop by there is no hiding anymore, two small children and it feels like 20. They did bring me a gingerbread cookie though, think they might be buttering me up for Christmas;Gingerbread CookieThe reason they came over today was the yearly sausage making, who would want to miss it? If I hadn’t gone on this last-minute trip to Gotham, I would have! It was me, mother and my two nieces that did the prepping, grinding, mixing and then filling, this year…I have loads of fun making them, I have to admit to never eating them – guess I ain’t old enough for that yet.Making da sausageLooks like fun, doesn’t? I was even trusted to sort out the hair on my oldest niece, that’s trust for you. Personally I think I did an awesome job, not sure that anyone else will agree.HairAfter the sausages were done, the kids were bored and mother moved on to other foods while I made dinner. Nothing really beats a nice mince-pie, also called Shepherd’s Pie in some parts of the world. Not sure why mince with mashed potatoes on the top is called a pie (if you have the answer please feel free to share (unless your name is Mick)), it went well with the family and there isn’t much left so one person can have a small lunch tomorrow.DinnerI think that the prize for yummiest looking mix today goes to the Salmon pate, I didn’t help make it this year instead I stepped in as official photographer.YumNow I am sitting on the couch watching a low-quality movie with Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett, writing a cover letter for a job application I’m planning to send of tonight, while mentally writing a to-do list in my head. This was the last week before Christmas and I was thinking to do several other things than what has been done. Let’s see if I can get my brain in order and find my super efficient inner being that we all know exist (at least it did one point in time, maybe I managed to kill it).

Hope you all are having an awesome Sunday night!

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