A train journey!

Last time I decided before hand that I would blog about my train journey home, it went smooth. So I figured why not try it again, it might be what it takes to keep the train jinx at bay. It’s now 15:34 and six minutes until the train is due to depart.

15:17 – I arrive at the ticket machine, realizing it doesn’t work, and neither does any of the other ones available at the station. I have to walk to the kiosk to purchase my ticket. In this specific kiosk the girl doesn’t really know how to work the machine and also not how to get me a 1st class ticket – this snob will have to travel like normal people today!ticket machine

15:30 – I sit down on the train and set up my computer, to realize that yet again the power isn’t working on the train. I am still hoping that this will be fixed once the train kicks into action.

15:37 – Trying to upload the picture of the ticket machine, just to realize that my internet stopped working.

15:40 – Train leaves, right on time! And we are told that arrival time in Malmö is 18:51, fingers crossed now people.

15:43 – Am told that the power doesn’t work on the train, or any of the trains because some work is being done. Let’s see how long the computer lasts, current battery time 1:36hrs.

15:45 – Connected to the phones internet, let’s play some Facebook games!FB games

16:07 – Bored with Facebook games. Forgot to pack a DVD and don’t feel like reading! Not a good start to this train journey.

16:11 – Found out that there was a DVD in my computer, it’s four episodes of Bones that I have seen a million times, it will however have to due.

16:15 – Trying to charge the phone of the computer before it dies, the computer can’t recognize the USB unit.

16:37 – Food cart arrives! This we are very happy about since I forgot a part of my plan at the station. I was thinking getting a Subway, running around sorting out the ticket made me forget and I have been absolutely starving.Food17:00 – 7% warning came up on the computer so time to pull out the good old notebook to complete this blog post.Actual Notes17:10 – Computer died, now what?!? Too worried that the battery in the phone will die as well, I can’t really listen to one of the documentaries that I have on there. Still keeping the headphones on to keep disturbing noises (such as other people) out.

17:13 – Writing to-do list for the rest of the week, wahoo!

17:25 – Pulling out the book, really trying to concentrate.Book17:28 – Train stops in the middle of nowhere, apparently we are waiting for a train coming from the opposite direction.

17:30 – Train moving again.

17:37 – Train randomly stops in the middle of nowhere.

17:59 – Train stop to wait oncoming train.

18:03 – Arriving in Helsingborg, apparently early as departure isn’t until 18:12. If it was any other station it would have been perfect for a smoking break. However, Helsingborg station is indoors and underground so no smoking allowed. For someone who used to do eight-hour flights without issue not being allowed to smoke for another 40 minutes isn’t the end of the world. Just wished they used all these minutes on moving the train forward rather than standing still at the station.

18:12 – Left Helsingborg right on time!

18:21 – Stopping for oncoming train.

18:48 – Stop for some issues with the tracks at the station right before Malmö.

18:53 – Train moving again.

19:01 – We arrive in Malmö, only ten minutes behind schedule. Not that bad, I do think that lack of power and dying batteries fall under the train jinx, however the train rides are never as eventful when I plan to blog about them – I see a trend coming on!

2 thoughts on “A train journey!

    1. Jag har inte läst färdigt den ännu. Nu när du frågar så måste jag nog fundera på var jag har lagt den. Risken finns att den ligger kvar i någon väska som jag kanske inte riktigt har packat upp än.


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