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How can I not blog about it?

Work is finally coming to an end, I am no longer going to the office and I returned my entrance card yesterday. Since I am still hired until the 31st I told my colleague that she could call if she had any questions, I have faith in her being able to manage all by herself – she is of course allowed to call just to say hi as well.

Before leaving completely there had to be a party, so I invited my friends and colleagues that I have worked with over the years to a nice little place called the Black Swan for a few after work beers. There where plenty of jokes when the invite went out, the people who couldn’t make it added some comments like “I’ll join the next one!”, “You will be back soon” etc since this is the second time I leave the company. By the end of the day 16 people accepted the Outlook invite indicating that they would attend the event, based on experience I divide by three in order to get the correct number, as many people accept without actually showing up.

It turned out that I was wrong this time, well there were some people who didn’t show up and then there was the ones that showed up even if they hadn’t even gotten an invite 🙂

I need to thank everyone for the drinks, since I didn’t pay for a single one myself, and I have to thank everyone for showing up, as my ego feels really good right now – feeling pretty popular.

With all the jokes regarding my return to the company and now leaving again, there were guesses made on when I would return the next time. I couldn’t let this pass and had everyone that showed up writing down a guess on the date (also give me a list of attendants for the thank you cards that I will most definitely send).List of dates

There was also two pressies, what girl doesn’t like presents so thanks for that Ingar and Anders!Pressies

Today I am sitting on my couch feeling very sorry for myself, not because I’m not working but because I have the cold from hell and my whole body hurts. I really wanted to clean my apartment and finish of my christmas shopping today. Might take some drugs in a bit and see what can be done, at least I have gotten two loads of laundry done this far.

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