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Yet another train journey!

It’s almost Christmas and it’s time for me to yet again get on a train to Gotham City, and based on past experiences deciding to blog about the journey beforehand make it less eventful.

Today we left on time from Malmö Central at 15:08, and I can only say that I extremely pleased with myself for not only getting a seat ticket, but also being my snobbish self and booking 1st class. Since it is Friday before Christmas everyone is taking the train, even if it is an early one.Station

It didn’t take me that long to realize that the power outlets are still not turned on, so there is no way my computer battery will last the whole trip. When it dies, I just have to do the same as I did last time – write by hand in my notebook and then update the blog afterwards, a bit old-fashioned I know, it works though.

Before departure I had time to stop by 7-11 and my favorite boy was working today, so I had a nice little chat with him and did the whole holiday greetings and stuff. I could also tell him that we will probably see less of each other in the future since I wont be communing in the near future, he scored several bonus points by telling me that I seem to be a smart girl and I will have a job again soon. I’m guessing I will have errands there just to say hi!

Now I will enjoy my 7-11 sandwich while playing some Facebook games. I will get back to you when the train jinx decides to kick in – promise!The food

7 thoughts on “Yet another train journey!

    1. With 25 minutes to go, it has been a very smooth trip today, and a lovely lady as company.

      Thank you for the well wishes, who knows you might have scared the train jinx away 🙂


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