Always look at the bright side of life

Karma is a bitch!

Not that long ago I wrote with a very cocky attitude that I could be girlish as well, apparently I can only do the whole girly thing part ways. I did spend a very long time looking at dresses online, I managed to write a post about it and get feedback from friends on which one(s) was the best, I didn’t manage the most important step though – actually order a damn dress. And now I have learned (temporarily) to tone down the cocky attitude a bit.

I had my last day in the office on Wednesday, which meant that I had the whole of Thursday and most of Friday to do all those things that were on a very long to-do list. Unfortunately destiny wanted differently and instead I was home pretty much passed out with the cold from hell, nothing got done. The packing for Christmas was completed pretty much the minute that it was time to head out to the train and the (smooth) train ride to Gotham.

So this morning, I didn’t have much choice, I needed something to wear to my cousins daughters christening that was to take place at 14:30, there is also the little thing with ten christmas presents left to purchase.

Lucky me, my parents don’t live that far from a mall, I mean 16 minutes on the bus is nothing, so I set my alarm for ten, or so I thought. It actually went of at nine, which I now realize was a sign, instead of getting up I changed it for ten to get another hour of sleep.

Next time the alarm did go of I got out of bed and made my way straight towards the kitchen and the coffee machine, and thus it begins. The moment I lift the pot to fill it with water, the power dies. I know what you are thinking, this in itself isn’t the end of the world. However it wasn’t just our power it was out and 29000 other homes and the expected time of return was at 11am – so no coffee for me.

I still have a cold, and seriously not in the mood for shopping at all, then I have to get dressed and get on the bus without coffee! My colleagues would be more than willing to inform anyone that if you find your life important speaking with me before my first cup of coffee in the morning is never a good idea.

Of course there is also loads of people in the mall that I don’t find my way around in too well, my head is hurting and it very early become obvious that dress shopping isn’t going to be easy. It doesn’t help that I have gotten into my head that I want a long dress – they do not seem to be in fashion at all this christmas.

I visit store after store, beginning with my trusted old friends where I usually find something pretty quickly, they all let me down. I then start looking into the smaller ones, and there is still nothing good. The first hit I get is a semi-long one on the sales rack in one of the shops. It looked good and it was supper comfortable, but of course it was one size to big and there was none more on the rack. I figured that I could have it as a back-up and just find a nice belt or something to make it look less big.

Then I just couldn’t help myself, all the other bloggers do it!Outfit 1After leaving this store, checking out a few more I felt more than ready to give up, go home and just wear jeans, then I got another sign; a small sushi place with free seats. What else can a lady do but sit down get herself some food and just chill – I would say that set the earth back on its axis.LunchI had one store left to check after the lunch, or at least one that I knew of. The first thing I saw when I got in was a long grey dress, and I suddenly felt better as at least I knew they sold dresses. I grabbed it, knowing even then that it wasn’t something that I wanted to wear to a christening, I just kept it kind of like a blankie to comfort me.

Not long after I found an amazing long skirt that was love at first sight, and I pretty much grabbed the first top I saw that matched in colour – and we had a winning outfit!Outfit 2I bought it and went straight to the bus stop and the bus home, realizing that I didn’t manage to buy a single Christmas present – I have to do it all again tomorrow!

The Christening was really nice and I got to read a text about jesus and children (and no lightning didn’t strike), afterwards there was family bubbly mingle for a few hours. I say that more church events should end with bubbly, perfect idea!

I didn’t use my own camera for taking photos during the afternoon, so I have none to show of how pretty I was, however if my dear cousin put some on her blog I promise to share the link.

Now I’m sitting on the couch enjoying day two of Die Hard season and a cup of tea.Tea

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