7 Things

#1 of 7 things that I was going to do during 2012

Last year I made a post on 7 things that I was going to do during 2012, now I bet you all wonder if I did! So I thought a little follow-up would be in place as we count down the days towards the new year!

Go on a proper holiday. I never got around to this during 2011, one reason being that I was not working for 4 months, and does hold one back a little.

I did go on a proper holiday, I actually went on two proper holidays, pretty good work of me I think!

The first one was to the big United States of Americas, where I managed a couple of blog posts that you can find here. There are still some pending to be written, no promises that this will be done before the end of this year!

The second one went to Norway with an old friend of mine, in November (her bright idea) of all times. It was a fun week when both of us realized that we are getting to old for the whole backpacking thing. I did a much better job on the blogging on that trip so you can find loads of posts here.

So I say that I managed to tick of my first item, I wonder how the rest of list went…

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