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Merry, merry Christmas!

Christmas at my parents house starts with rice porridge which I don’t like so my mother, even though I am over 30, make me semolina porridge instead. It’s a nice little tradition to start of what is usually a crazy hectic Christmas with something peaceful with just the family. This year I even manged to talk my mother into opening a Christmas present early, can’t remember when that happened the last time.Porridge

An excellent start to what was to be the craziest Christmas celebration in years, as over 20 people where ascending my parents apartment. Also the weather was perfect, a thick layer of snow could be seen on everything, a proper with Christmas.

[Insert picture of snowy winter landscape here]

Guests will usually arrive between 14:30 and 14:55 as Disney is on at 15:00, this would be the Swedish Christmas tradition that people shake their heads at the most. At 15:00 every Christmas Eve everyone, no matter the age, sit down and watch the same Disney shorts as we did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that etc.

[Insert picture of a bunch of grown-ups watching cartoons here]

After Disney, or Donald Duck as we call it on normal basis, it’s food time. In this household most if it, like sausages, pates and all that, is made from scratch; skip the store-bought stuff! Home made taste so much better.

[Insert picture of happy people eating food here]

I would say half way through the meal, my five-year old niece started to wonder when it was time to open the Christmas Gifts, and I can understand her (after all I managed to talk my mother into a morning one). It also doesn’t help when you can barely see the tree for all the presents.

[Insert picture of tree with gifts here]

The grown-ups have a tendency to eat for a very long time at Christmas, however Santa finally made it. This year he had a strange accent and told one of my aunts that she was on the naughty list – she got a gift this year, next year was a big maybe!

[Insert picture of Santa here]

Then the big frenzy begins, once santa has left all the gifts under the tree are to be handed out. And no gifts are to be opened until all of them are sitting with the person that are supposed to open them.

Sounds like a blast doesn’t it? unfortunately things were a bit different for me this year. I managed to eat 2/3 of the porridge, then my tummy started to feel a bit funny. For the rest of the day, I was in bed only getting up when it was time to hit the lady’s room and purge the body from something out of the exorcist! Not the way I had planned to spend my Christmas Eve.

By the time it was gift opening time, I dragged myself out of bed to watch the happy, healthy people open their gifts. When I now spent all that time and energy on getting the damn things (guessing that’s also where I picked up the little tummy bug) then I damn sure want to watch them open them as well. And it was worth it, there were smiles and thumbs up! Best part of christmas, watching people open their gifts.Mountain of Gifts revealedMy gifts had to wait as I were too tired to open them. Around 10pm, when all the guests had left and I managed to eat a clementine and finish of a cup of Coca-Cola without the gas, I did it! And I am super pleased with mine – pictures will come later!

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