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Family time

I live in Malmö, my sister live in Gotham City and my cousin live in Dubai, needless to say we don’t see each other that often, especially not just the three of us. Adding to that my sister have two children and a husband and the cousin have a husband and a quite new little baby! This mean that even when we accidentally happen to be in the same city at the same time, meeting up is difficult, so afternoons like the one we had today are rare and more precious – we managed to meet up.Outside

At one o’clock (or six minutes past for those who can’t be on time) we met up at a really cozy café at the Gothenburg waterside, Baka Stenungsbakeri. If you ever pass by Gotham it is definitely worth a visit, especially during the summery part of the year when you can sit outside. Just be prepared for plenty of decisions, if you want a sandwich first you need to choose the bread, and trust me it’s not an easy task; too many different kinds that all sound and look yummy, it’s worth it though.Sandwich

The good thing about family (at least our’s) is that you have known each other for so long that we always have loads to talk about, or more like making fun of each other so much that we are laughing at the extent that even I started to wonder if someone might have spiked it.Interior

After the first round of coffee we just weren’t talked out yet and had to order a second round, I am pretty sure that it was a good thing that the place closed at three, otherwise we probably would have been sitting there still.Second pot

(I do apologize or the kind of blurry pictures, might have had a tad much coffee)

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