Time Journal

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sometimes I just don’t have a clue about anything really. I decided that I was to write a time-journal for this month, thinking that it would be easy to do and a healthy exercise.  I think that in most guidelines on how to be more efficient in life and live a healthy life they recommend you to write a time-journal to identify what in your life that steals time. Now I know the answer; The time journal!

The first weekend was fine, I mean, most of my weekends are spent on a couch with my computer in my lap not really doing much. Thus noting down every time I had a smoke break, went to make a snack or changing action on the computer (from playing games to paying bills) was super easy – I just made an excel sheet!Time Journal

Then the Monday morning hits you and you have to get out of bed, get ready for work, make it to the train via the 7/11 for coffee. Then you get of the train, make your way to work and work through the day before you leave and meet with friends and all that jazz. How on earth are you supposed to 1) remember to note each step down 2) have time in each moment to stop yourself and note each step down?

I even tried a couple of apps that were supposed to help out, since writing a time-journal on paper are to time-consuming. Trust me! so are the apps!

I am admittedly struggling to see the purpose with the time-journal to be hones. I already know that my Facebook games are taking way to much of my time. I already know that my commute to and from work take 1 hour from door to door, I also know that I use that time for things like reading the morning paper. If I had managed to complete the month, I still don’t think that I had found some strange little time-stealing event that I wasn’t aware of before.

The conclusion of this project is that it was a unnecessary waste of time, and proof of me not thinking things through before throwing myself into action!

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