Quality of Life

I don’t want to brag!

Yes, I do! I must have been a damn good girl this year because Santa brought me awesome Christmas gifts. Either that or Santa had a chat with Karma, Destiny or the evil Germ Gnome before Christmas and knew that I would have a tummy bug on Christmas Eve and thus wanted me to feel better.

Just look at this awesome weekend bag that I got, one of my favorite brands as well, and I didn’t even hint to Santa which one I wanted I just put a weekend bag on the wish list.BagThen comes the kitchen aid, I have a feeling that my home-made bread will be a lot fluffier going forward! Seriously exciting!The machingeAnd it didn’t stop there, a really cozy pair of slippers (who the regular reader of this blog will recognize, I don’t mind having two pairs they are different colors); a book that I am currently in the progress of reading; a cook book with casseroles and soups; pretty paperweight; a really cool olive oil bottle with two (basil and garlic) oil; bottle of white wine; a subscription to one of my favorite magazines; funny colored pasta (who can resist stripey pasta?) and some other stuff still!The toys

What ever I did good in 2012 I hope I manage it for 2013 as well!

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