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The things that I do miss about Gotham City

People keep asking me if I consider moving back to Gotham and if I miss it, I’m not and I don’t – with some exceptions.

One big thing that I miss is the ice-hockey (pretty sure that I have mentioned it before), yes Malmö has a team, they are just not as good as the one from Gotham. Adding to that no one in Malmö, at least that I know, likes ice-hockey so I don’t have anyone to go to the games with.Scandinavium

In Gotham the team is good, they used to be better, now they are good enough and the fans are good. Nothing beats sitting in a pretty full arena with good atmosphere and good company. My parents have season tickets and days like today when my dad was too tired to go, I get to go instead. It’s a nice few hours of mother-daughter time where we can yell and scream like there is no tomorrow in a place where no one cares that we don’t behave like ladies. I mean everyone around us are behaving exactly the same.

Even if they for some reason have stopped playing the national anthem in the beginning of the game (stupid in my opinion, it was a nice touch) the boys still line up. The boysAnd no game is complete without the junk food, a quick stop to good old McDonald’s before the game start and I’m good to go. The boys didn’t play that good today, they did win in the end after some exciting final seconds and that is an improvement from the last few games that I have been to, it seem that they have a tendency to lose whenever I am there.

Afterwards me and mother dearest went home and settled down in front of the telly with some of her Christmas cheeses and a glass of red wine. The first kind of alcohol I had since I got home since the normal Christmas binge was lost due to the tummy bug.Wine and cheeseA pretty awesome Friday night if you ask me, and that is some of the things I miss about Gotham. Right now I am feeling a tad bit homesick, I miss my bed and my apartment. It’s only two sleeps left until I will be back there so I’ll manage. And tomorrow sounds like it’s going to be a pretty cool day as well! See you then.

4 thoughts on “The things that I do miss about Gotham City

  1. Åh, jag har inte varit på en Frölundamatch på flera år! Måste göra något åt det snarast 🙂 Och jag vet hur du menar med att man kan känna sig lite hemlängtig även om man är hemma hos familjen, jag kan längta från Backatorp till Högsbo efter ett par dagar hos mor och far!


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