My Home

A Christmas Gift in action

I know I have been raving a bit about my Christmas gifts this year, it’s just that they were so perfect. One of the things that I got was a puzzle mat.The puzzle

I can’t be the only one that start-up a puzzle and then run out of time or get distracted by other things and then it’s just there taking space? Well, Santa gave me this puzzle mat this year, so I now moved the puzzle over to it (I bet it’s a lot easier to use if you start your puzzle on it rather than moving it), rolled the thing up and ta da I can use the table again.



Rolled up

It might be time to get a table-cloth! Or even better, a new table! The one I have now is two tables taped together. I got them when I lived in a small studio where it was practical to be able to put one away or on top of each other. Now on the other hand I live in a grown-up home and there is room for one proper table, just haven’t found the perfect one yet.Clean table

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