I’m not the only one travelling today!

Sitting on the train again, a pretty full one to that which doesn’t affect me that much since I’m sticking with my snobbish way and going first class. After a pretty chill morning the last few minutes before the train left became pretty stressful as I was not the only one getting a ride by car to the station so there was a bit of a que to get into the station. Then I had to rush to get a ticket and once again my plans for getting some food before getting on the train was ruined by the line to the ticket machine.

It doesn’t help when your luggage is something like three times as large as it was when you arrived in Gotham, something to do with Santa…

My thingsLuggage

I did manage to get on the train on time, nice to not have to wait another hour for the next one. It left one minute late and I hope that is the only delay we get today since I’m now really homesick. It’s fine while in Gotham and with the parents, as soon as the journey home has begun all you want to do is reach your destination. The power on the trains also haven’t been fixed yet and current battery time is one hour and 19 minutes, not even half-way, no fun at all as it makes the trip more boring.

Now I’m waiting for the expensive food cart to arrive so I can get something in my belly, I’m guessing it will take some time. Even if all the people in the carts between me and the food are to purchase something, the tendency of bags and stuff in the way seem to delay its arrival next to me.

Fingers crossed for a smooth and easy ride to Malmö, hopefully the train is full of the kind of people who are lucky with their travels and that it keep the jinx away!

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