7 Things

7 things that I’m going to do during 2013

I want to say that 2012’s 7 list went pretty good, so it feels perfectly right to make one for 2013 as well. To not make life too easy for myself I wont just copy paste last years list.

  1. Have one project/challenge per month, no more, no less. They are to be realistic and doable even if life accidentally comes in the way. Any ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.
  2. Try and do something new each week. It’s not as hard as it sounds, checking out a new shop is something new for example. Visit a museum I haven’t been to before, cook something I never tried before etc.
  3. Travel to one of the two continents that I haven’t been to.  Still haven’t managed to take a tour to Africa or South America, 2013 should be the year for at least one of them. Who wants to come?
  4. Write at least one chapter on my book each month! This way I might actually finish it in my lifetime.
  5. Finally get around to getting myself a driver’s license! I think that 33 years old sounds like the perfect age to get a license.
  6. This year I will put my self on a budget and follow it! I am great at making budgets and even better at not follow them, so this year I will set a budget each month and follow them. I assume that the reward will be one big juicy savings account that can be used for point 3!
  7. Complete the Gothenburg Classic! This is my brother-in-laws fault, if it wasn’t for him I had never heard of this event and come up with the great idea to do it. Now it’s too late, I just have to do it. What is it you ask yourself. Well I will tell you 1) A 50k bike-race 2) A 1k swim 3) A 10k run.

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