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This is something that was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger, and I figured I might as well try it out. It’s a small box of goodies that are quite good for people like me, that aren’t really that in to shopping for beauty products. You sign up and then get one box sent to you every month (this has been put on hold for February since this is definitely consumerism) with small samples of beauty stuff. Since you don’t know what you are going to get, it’s quite exciting when you open it up and it feels very luxurious.The boxThis month I received a lemon butter cuticle cream, something that suits me as I love fixing my nails up and making them look pretty. A dry conditioner, which also suits me since I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my hair. Then there were three items for the eyes, an eye pencil, a cream pigment and makeup remover wipes. I don’t use makeup that much, and I very rarely purchase any kind of item to make my eyes look pretty (am very sure that both the mascara and eye shadows that I have, expired a long time ago) however there are times that I do make myself look prettier than usual and these items will come in handy. Actually I might use them already tomorrow as I feel like dressing up and hitting town! So all you boys in Copenhagen (that most definitely are reading this blog and this specific post) beware tomorrow there will be trouble abound!Products

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One feels a little bit like a ping-pong ball

It was that time again today, getting on the train for the three-hour ride between Gotham City and Malmö. It has been quite a few of them lately and I will be doing it again next week.Train

And in the spirit of my non-overconsum quest that is on going I brought some of the yoghurt that my mother got for her granddaughters (that they didn’t eat) with me on the train rather than purchasing anything from the food cart. The coffee however is free of charge when going on a fist class ticket (that might or might not be consumerism, I tend to hold it as quality of life, that could be discussed I guess).


Today the power on the computer ran out after 45 minutes, so after that I had to find other ways of entertaining myself, I did this by thinking out some new house rules. When you are not only unemployed but you also just lost your father, it’s easy to become a bit aimless, and that is what I feel that I have. So it’s time for action and get my stuff back together, one good thing that happened was that I was accepted to a uni course where I had been wait listed. It’s a full-time course and give me something to fill my days with.House rules

The ride did go smooth though, it hasn’t been that bad lately might be that dad had a little talk with the train gods and maybe my problems are over. It’s all about knowing the right people, right?!

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When everyone have the day off!

My mother is retired, my sister have every other Wednesday off and I am unemployed/a student, so technically we all had the day off! Me and mother dearest were invited over for a Swedish Fika and when we got there my sister and her oldest daughter had made my favorite cookies and some heart-shaped sponge cake.

Cookies Loove

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My first month on a budget has come to an end

BudgetAnd it didn’t go that great to be honest, it didn’t go too bad either, it’s just that I did go into red. The good thing is that I know why I went into red! Firstly there was a visit to IKEA that I hadn’t planned for, and as I have found two more items that I would like to purchase I have added them to this months budget (and to the birthday wish list, so I might be a bit up on that budget item end of Feb).

Then there was the food, in my budget for January I only counted the food that I purchase in the grocery store, big mistake. Me and my friends go out and eat quite a bit, so that have to be included as well and has been moving forward.

Looking at the items that I put in the category “Other” is pretty funny though, as they pretty much almostOther match the negative balance, they total to 2456,75.  Looking at the items in there I have to say they are pretty valid things, like the visit to the doctors and penicillin that I had to buy due to it. There is also a post for a single evening at the Malmö Opera that I’m going to in a bit, the pedicure with my sisters and IKEA of course.

It’s funny that the amount of “other” match the balance so well, since I know that I have gone way over in some categories and way below in others. Those items have been adjusted for this month, and since I’m not to over-consume, I really should be able to hold my budget, or what say you?

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A small new thing this week, or two maybe I should say

It hasn’t been the most active week this week, I started it off with enjoying being an unemployed bum and then not much happens at all. Then I had one active day on the Wednesday before hitting the doctors, and then the pharmacy for my penicillin on the Thursday…thus not much action.

I really want to stick with doing one new thing each week, and as I was sitting here on the couch on a Sunday night I realized that I hadn’t managed one this week. Until my mother corrected me that is!

My sister with husband spent a large part of the weekend at a spa, which meant that their children spent the same time with their grandmother, and then when I arrived in Gotham yesterday; with me. They spent the night and managed to not really wake me up too early this morning, even though I wasn’t allowed to sleep half the day away.

At 11am today there was the normal Sunday service at the church, where they today were to read out my dads name as passed away, and light a candle. My mother wanted to go, and I guess she wasn’t to keen on bringing the grand-kids along (and to be honest, I wasn’t too interested either) so she plainly decided to leave the girls with me and go.

This is where the new thing comes in, I have spent an evening with the oldest one before, in my own home. I have been babysitting both of them together with mother dearest. I have never spent time with the two girls, just me, by myself before.

I know it’s a small new thing, and it wasn’t that long, we did it though! No one was crying, no one got hurt and when mum and dad showed up no one wanted to go home (even if I think that was more about waiting for grandmother to come back rather than hanging out with boring auntie).

I guess I was a bit distracted by the little two, since I don’t have a single picture to show for it. None of the ice-cream eating, none of the climbing over and through furniture’s, none of the drawing of pictures, none of the putting puzzles together or none of quietly and very nicely sitting on the couch watching telly. Might be another new! Instead I will leave you with the half good picture of the kiss that my oldest niece gave me on Saturday night!Kiss mouth

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My new brilliant idea

As I mentioned two posts ago, I have a new idea! Something to do that I feel that I might want to do, and that I might be able to do even if I get a “real” job. So what is this great idea? I’ll tell you;

An online magazine!!!

I found a site where you can set up a basic mag for free and distribute over the big wide web. My thought would be that it would be for and about normal people in around my age group. One of the reasons I would like to do it is because I love writing, and I also want to know if I can get a small magazine together. I am pretty sure it’s more difficult than it seems.

I also want to do it because I have so many amazing friends all over the world from all over the world, all with different interests and goals in life, and I want to know more about that. I would like more insight in their favorite things to do, because it’s fascinating things like mountains, shoes, spiritual, crafts, religion, travel, family, just to mention some. I would like to know what’s driving them, and what fascinate them. I also happen to know that several of them are interested in putting words down on a paper so I was hoping that they would do just that.

Over the next few weeks I will try to reach out to them to see if they could make place in their busy schedules and write a piece, if I can convince them what a great idea this is there will be at least one issue created. If the world likes it, there might even be two!

What say you? You think it’s a good idea? And would you be willing to share your story of your biggest interest in your life?

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This past week I received the confirmation that I am now allowed to legally practice my driving, which mean that the work towards finally getting that drivers license can continue. Pretty on track with some of my sevens that is 🙂Lämp