Absolutely Nothing

A little game we call “Find your bike”

A few weeks ago I left my bike at the main train station in Copenhagen after a night in town with the girls. The plan was of course to pick it up the morning after on my way to work, the plan fell through. Then the snow came, and the cold and I never got around to actually get the bike out of there.

This morning when on my way home from last nights party I decided that it was time to go get it, it is after all a part of project no more commuting – bringing it back to Malmö.

After a few weeks it is a bit hard to remember where you put it, and it’s not like I am the only owner of a black lady’s bike in Copenhagen. I might as well admit that I wasn’t completely sober when I left the bike there either, thus even more memory problems!

However, looking for the bike on the first of January was a good idea as there weren’t that many bikes around, people being at home hung over that is.Find your bike

So, I found the bike after only five minutes of looking and was honest enough to pay for the extra ticket (I think it’s a bit cheap to charge for taking the bike on the train, especially when they don’t even bother to check the tickets) which made me miss the train by two seconds (the people in the line before me didn’t really know how the machine worked) so I had to sit and wait for 20 minutes until the next train.Station pic

Bringing the bike home made me a bit sad, leaving my job is also leaving a city in one way. Of course I will go back to Copenhagen quite frequently when in Malmö since most of my friends are there, that is not the same though. The positive thing is that now I have two bikes in Malmö, so when people come visit (because they do that all the time) I have one they can borrow and we don’t have to walk everywhere, perfect!On the train

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