Quality of Life

Happy New Year!

This years magical night was spent with friends in Copenhagen, were I was welcomed with a glass of champagne that kept refilling itself until dinner was served.Champagne

And what a dinner! It started with crayfish, then moved on with lamb and was ended with yum yum pears and ice cream.CrayfishMain coursDessert

After dinner there was socializing and a small alcoholic depression before I accidentally went to bed and managed to sleep through the 00:00 and start of 2013 – I heard there were oysters though. I woke slightly when the firework craze begun as well but promptly went back to sleep.The drinks

I must be getting old because I don’t mind missing it, it was a nice evening with fun people and good food, New Years Eve has kind of lost it’s luster a bit. Oh well, it’s only a year left until the next one.

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