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I am getting way ahead of myself

This post is being written right now on the 26th of December, while I am watching ice hockey and trying to not spend too much time on Facebook games. This post will not be posted until the 1st of January, which would be the earliest date that you can be reading it.

I made another 7 things list, this one for 2013 and one of the items is putting myself on a budget. Technically I always have a budget, I just have a tendency to ignore it and spend what I feel like, not always that great. The aim for 2013 is putting myself on a budget and actually stick to it.

To my help this time around I found a really adorable little app called Toshl. The good thing about this one, other than the cute little figure with the attitude that gives you comments on your progress, it has a cloud. For once you can sit with your PC and enter the budget and all the recurring expenses and then just sync it to the phone. The app is then used to enter expenses as you go.

It then tell you how much you spent of your budget by turning a green bar red (at time of writing no money spent as you can see);


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