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What was I thinking?

The holidays are over and tomorrow most people return to work and life goes back to normal. I have, as mentioned, no job to go back to and have big plans to give my home a proper cleaning over the next few days, and then when boredom hit completely I will go home to the parents for some quality time. This time of the year it is easy to feel a bit lonely when not in a committed relationship, you know all the family stuff at Christmas and the required new years kiss (if one can stay awake). Anyhow, I believe that if you aren’t happy with a situation either you do something about it or you shut up, I don’t approve of constant complaining, so I decided to do something about it.

I signed up for a dating site, even if I constantly complain about them because of all the weirdos that hang out there. I did the registration a few hours ago and now my profile and pictures have been approved, and straight away the strange e-mails are pouring in. One of the guys even give me the creeps.

I will stick it out for a while though, I mean there must be at least one more semi-normal person like me out there somewhere, right?

I’m just a bit in doubt of the rules of conduct on these sites, am I supposed to answer all the mails that I get or is it ok to ignore the ones that doesn’t interest me? Is there anything specific I can write that might keep the crazy ones at bay?

Lets see if this can land me at least one date!

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