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First day back to work as an unemployed!

Oh my god you are all gonna hate this post (except for mother dearest that should be happy there is evidence of today’s activities), I just can’t help myself and have to write it anyhow.

While most people went back to work today I didn’t! The most important thing when unemployed is to make sure that you don’t sleep all day and spend the rest on the couch in front of the TV. So I have decided that I will spend the first few days doing an early spring cleaning of my home, it’s well needed no doubt about that.

I admit that I forgot to set my alarm, and might have slept in, but as soon as I woke up I threw myself straight into my work, cleaning the kitchen. Starting with cleaning out the fridge, out of respect for my mother you are only getting after pictures, which made me realize that I should probably go grocery shopping if I’m planning to stay home for a longer period of time.The Fridge

As I was cleaning up I realized that I can actually start out the year with completing one of all those things on my things to do around the apartment projects. I have a plan to renovate my kitchen at one of my visits to IKEA last year (I think it might even have been 2011) I was lucky to find a cheap sample of the doors that I want. It has been standing around in the kitchen since waiting for me to drill some holes in it so I could hang it up!Girls best friendDoor

What can a girl do other than pull out the girls best friend and get it done. Now, finally it is in place and I can make a final decision if this is really the doors that I want – awesome!

After doing the dishes, cleaning of the stove and both vacuuming and washing the floors, my kitchen now look like this;The Result

Not too bad for a days work. Tomorrow, I’ll do the bedroom!

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